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Black background.

Panel 1

Zane looks shocked, and the mayor looks surprised and dismayed. He clutches the sides of his hat and says "Great Zeus on Olympus..." Then, in large text, "*Bats?!*" The strings of E's continues behind them, in four rows, some large, some small. The shading of this strip has more depth than the usual flat style.

Panel 2.

Zane, still holding his frying pan, puts his hand to his mouth and looks concerned. He says, "They m-must have been stirred up by all the *racket* in town! I read about common fruit bats once in the Encyclopedia Atlantica..." The E's continue in the background.

Panel 3.

He continues, "Odd they'd be this far s-- AAAAAAA!" He screams as he dodges a bat, throwing aside his frying pan and covering his head.

Panel 4.

Mayor Osgood looks around worriedly as he says "Mr. Zane, I've seen bats on Ouster Eves past, but *never* like *this*!" Zane looks behind him, a nervous look on his face, and replies "Maybe the ringing is throwing off their sense of direction!" A few bats flutter in the background, and the strings of E's continue.

Panel 5.

Zane counts off on his fingers as he says "They're not harmful, though. A bat's diet consists of flying insects, and *AAAAAA*" He looks to the side, and his eyes open wide as he screams. A few bats are in the background, and the noise continues.

Panel 6.

Zane ducks, covering his head and squeezing his eyes shut, as a bat the size of an eagle flies near his head. Other large bats fly around it and around Zane, and in the background is the shadowy bell tower, surrounded by bats and an eerie red light.

Panel 7.

Zane watches it go, wide-eyed and dismayed. As the entire panel behind him is filled with E's of various sizes, he says "They're getting bigger."

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