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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane, smiling, says, "I'm Wadsworth Zane, Encyclopedia Atlantica salesman and antiques dealer!" The man, rifling through his bag, says "A pleasure! Lemme see if I have a copy of an antique *I* wrote." The large window running along the length of the building lets in a great deal of bright white light, and the walls and floor are muted greys and greens.

Panel 2.

Zane asks, "What kinda writer are you, Mr. Novacek?" The man answers, "*Mystery* stories, mostly." He is passing Zane a thick blue book with a pulp-style cover. The book is titled "The Knife Struck 12" in red text bordered with yellow. Above the title is the tagline "A man! A woman! A midnight murder spree!" in yellow. Underneath the title is an image of a young blonde lady with bright red lipstick, looking to the side and unconscious that someone is aiming a dagger at her back. Behind her are silhouettes of buildings against the night sky. The man's name is "H. David Novacek."

Panel 3.

Novacek continues, "Plenty of mysteries in *this* part of the country! I'm doing a little research for the next story." Zane, looking down at the book with a bemused expression says "Gosh, I never read mysteries. They give me the fidgets." Mercy is clinging to his back, seemingly checking out the cover from behind him.

Panel 4.

Novacek, his face serious, asks "What about the mystery behind how you got your little *winged friend*?" Zane answers "Mercy? I found her hurt on the street one day. Must have flown into a window..." Mercy peers at the man.

Panel 5.

Zane smiles as he makes a gesture of explanation with one hand and says "After I got her back to health, she didn't seem to want to *leave*, and that suited me just fine." Mercy, clinging to his arm, makes an "eeee!" noise.

Panel 6.

Novacek says "For a while I was wondering if pet bats were a *thing* in town. That or the place is just lousy with them." Zane smiles, his eyes closed, and puts his hands up in a gesture of amusement. He says "Ha ha. I think I'd remember seeing more than one bat!" Behind him, Mercy is extending one wing.

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