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The background is white.

Panel 1

The outside of Loucks & Harth, Attorneys at Law. It's still snowing, with snow piling up on the sign and the door, and the wind appears to still be blowing briskly. From inside, a voice says "Miss Bellweather, this is my wife, Mrs. Loucks." Another voice says "Hello, Iris, I've heard *many* good things about you from Eli."

Panel 2.

Iris, smiling, says "Oh, thank you! It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Loucks!" Mrs. Loucks replies, "Please, Iris!" The reader sees her from behind, as if we're standing behind her and to the left. Her grey hair is neatly styled and arranged in a bun, and she is wearing a pink, high-collared shirt. The background in this strip is done in cool blues.

Panel 3.

The reader sees her from the front, standing next to her husband. She is a kind-faced old woman with wrinkles and an old-fashioned shirt. She says "Call me Cora."

Panel 4.

Cora continues, "Eli was a bit concerned that you were having... some troubles. Goodness knows you've been through a *lot* in recent months." Iris looks touched, smiling.

Panel 5.

Cora, smiling, says "Anyway, I'd like to invite you to attend one of our *meetings* -- if not tomorrow, then next Saturday perhaps?" Iris, smiling back, says "Meetings for what?"

Panel 6.

Cora and Iris are both shown in silhouette, Cora in pink and Iris in green. Cora, touching her fingers to her chest lightly, says "The *Broodhollow Ladies' Auxiliary!* If it's not too forward, I think... It would be *good* for you to have a place to *fit in*." Short, thin green lines come from Iris' head, indicating her surprise.

Panel 7.

Iris' expression is hard to read. It is almost the same as her expression in Panel 4, where she was clearly touched by Cora's concern, but it could also be read as slight worry or dubiousness. She says "I'm... very flattered! What time? If it's late at night I'll do my best to be there..." Cora, turning away and smiling, her eyes closed, says "A meeting at night? Absurd. Our house, two P.M.! Bring along a baked good!"

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