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Panel 1

Mr. Loucks' wife has gone, and Iris is standing across from him. With a concerned look on his face, he says "I hope I wasn't overstepping bounds as your *employer*, Miss Bellweather. I knew your father a long time, and I think he would have wanted you to find something to *do* with yourself."

Panel 2.

Iris looks happy and touched, as she answers "Not at all, Mr. Loucks! I'm grateful, and a little overwhelmed, actually! I mean, the Ladies' Auxiliary..."

Panel 3.

Iris looks a little distant as she says "My mother used to belong to them before she died -- er, passed. She would always tell me about the lovely ladies of the *Bower Brigade*, and how they made Broodhollow a better place!"

Panel 4.

Iris looks down as she says "I guess I never thought of myself as Auxiliary *material*..." Mr. Loucks answers, "Many of the members joined around your age, Iris! You're *smart* and *capable*..."

Panel 5.

Mr. Loucks, his head leaned back slightly, says "*You just need a little direction.*" A shadow is falling over his face, and he looks intense.

Panel 6.

Iris looks slightly worried as she says "I'll do my level best, Mr. Loucks." The shadow is gone from his face, and he smiles genially as he says "As I understand it... your flower arrangement skills will be pushed to the *brink.*"

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