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The background is white.

Panel 1

Maurice is sitting in one of the booths, leaning over the table. Cartoonish spirals and bubbles over his head show that he is still quite drunk. Mercy is hovering over his head, and the waitress is standing by the booth, tending to him. Zane is standing a few paces back, looking on with dismay. He asks, "Morris, what happened? I've never seen him this way!" Morris is squatting on the ground behind Zane, his forearms resting on his knees, as he looks at Maurice. Even in this position, he's still slightly taller than Zane. He says "He's just... been so sad. Since it happened." The placement of the bubbles indicates a fairly lengthy pause between the three sentences." The large window running along the length of the building lets in a great deal of bright, light blue light, and the walls and floor are bright, jarring shades of aqua and light blue.

Panel 2.

From offscreen, Maurice yells, in large type, "*Maris!*" Morris looks like he is trying to hide his anguish as he says "Me too." Maurice continues, "*It wasn't an accident!*" Zane's eyes shift towards Morris, his expression troubled and helpless.

Panel 3.

Chief Belknap, flanked by two police officers, appears on the scene. Belknap looks angry, and one of the police officers is grimacing, while the other scowls and cracks his knuckles. Belknap, facing Morris, says "All right, break it up! Let's all just calm down! Did he say anything?" Morris answers, "No, Officer Belknap." Belknap snaps, "*Chief* Belknap to you, rabblerouser!"

Panel 4.

Belknap, approaching the booth where Maurice is still sitting hunched over, his arms crossed and bubbles floating over his head, looks aggravated as he says "And the last thing we need is someone shouting *opinions* that could *harm our investigation!* This is a *police matter*. And so is throwing you in the *drunk tank* for a day!"

Panel 5.

Maurice is walking away, his shoulders slumped, followed by Belknap and the two policemen. Without looking behind him, he says "Wadsworth... He was our *friend*. It wasn't an *accident* --" Belknap interrupts, "You want to get charged with obstruction? Let's go, *Bottlefly.*"

Panel 6.

Zane, with Mercy sitting on his shoulder, looks troubled and wide-eyed as he watches Maurice go. Two beads of sweat appear on his temple. He says "Maurice -- I believe you."

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