Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 36: Where Noses Don't Belong
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Panel 1

Zane, adjusting his scarf as he runs through the snow, yells "*Chief Belknap!* Where are you taking him?" Mercy is flying by his side. Belknap, walking a few paces ahead of Zane, looks serious but calm as he says "He's not under arrest. We'll keep him until his head clears and his mouth shuts."

Panel 2.

Zane, now caught up to Belknap, faces him. He looks worried, and he is sweating slightly as he asks "Do you think... there could be *truth* to --" Belknap, his eyes closed, interrupts him, saying "Mr. Zane, I advise you to keep your nose out of business that isn't yours."

Panel 3.

Belknap continues, "We will speak publicly about yesterday's unfortunate news when we are *prepared* to speak publicly. *Not* before." He looks suspiciously off to the side and says "Anything premature might *tip off* persons of interest in a case like this! Understand?"

Panel 4.

Zane looks anxious as he asks "... Does that mean there *are* persons of interest?" Belknap turns away, squeezing his eyes shut and shouting "*The Broodhollow Police Department is not prepared to make a statement at this time!!*" Mercy, clinging on to Zane's shoulder, extends one wing.

Panel 5.

One of the two police officers with Belknap, a black man wearing a uniform and hat, plus blue gloves and a scarf, looks apologetic as he says to Zane, "Listen, mister. Let us do our job. We're not gonna be able to say any more right now." Zane looks slightly chagrined as he answers "Er... Yes, Officer. *Sorry*, Officer."

Panel 6.

The officer cups one hand to his cheek and, looking uneasy, says "... But between you and me, I'd invest in a deadbolt! Rumor is, out in the Stillwood, a guy was *murde*" The rest of his speech bubble is covered by Belknap's speech bubble. Belknap's face is furious, and he yells "*Jensen! Are you kidding me?!*" Zane looks shocked, bringing one hand up in a gesture of surprise. Although the policeman's speech bubble is partially covered up, it's clear that the word is "murdered," and the next two words may be "a couple" or "a double" although only the top part is visible and it's not possible to tell.

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