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Panel 1

Iris, her cheeks pink, her hands in her coat pockets and her scarf tied around her neck, looks off to the side. Her face is neutral, but five short, thin lines above her head show that she's noticed something. The scene is colored in a hazy, pastel way, as if it's evening, but the wind and snow are still blowing thickly.

Panel 2.

She is looking at Zane, who is standing underneath a streetlight, his hands in his pockets. He is looking straight in front of him, away from her, and shivering all over.

Panel 3.

Iris, standing next to Zane, says with a look of concern, "...Wadsworth? How long have you been out here?" Zane, his cheeks very red, looks somewhat sheepish as he shivers and answers "The d-diner kicked me out for abusing their quote bottomless c-coffee unquote for a nickel."

Panel 4.

Facing her, he says "I didn't want to c-come in and bug you at *work*." She answers, "That's probably for the best, with how Mr. Loucks is watching me."

Panel 5.

She continues, "I'm going to a meeting of the ladies' auxiliary tomorrow afternoon. It's *nice* of them to invite me, and I was polite, but... I don't know." She looks to the side, a skeptical, slightly annoyed look on her face.

Panel 6.

As they walk together, Zane says "The auxiliary organizes pride events, holiday *festivals* and all that, right?" Iris answers "Yeah..." Zane continues "You've always been organized. Maybe that's what they need!" She answers "*Yeah*..."

Panel 7.

Zane asks "What's wrong with that?" Iris says "I don't know why *your* society gets to be secret, and *mine* is old ladies sipping tea at my boss' house."

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