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Panel 1

Zane is pulling his trunk down the staircase of the Hotel Umbra, sweating with exertion. His clothes are wrinkled, and he looks anxious. The owner of the hotel looks at him languidly and says "Hello hello --" Zane interrupts him, saying "*No!* *No.* Checking out. *Immediately.* And I n-need to see a *t-train* schedule."

Panel 2.

The owner looks mildly concerned, and asks "Mr. Zane, is there a problem?" Zane replies "*Yes!* There's -- *bats*, and -- I *saw* -- there was *something in that room.*"

Panel 3.

The clerk seems to be smiling slightly as he opens his eyes and says "Ahhh. I see." Zane puts his hands out, shaking all over, and says "Quote *you see unquote??* What does *that* mean?" The clerk replies, "Little local *legend,* is all."

Panel 4.

He continues, "Quote *Young Maddy* unquote. An old ghost story. Takes a liking to *gentlemen* guests of the hotel." He is smiling and looks unconcerned. Zane asks, "What -- What's the story say?"

Edit: In previous versions of the strip the owner said "Quote *Young Maddy* unquote. Been here a long time. Takes a liking to *gentlemen* guests of the hotel." Zane said "What -- What does she *want*?"

Panel 5.

The clerk replies, "Just that she never says a word. She just wants to *look*, is all. Just to *see*. *Curious* little thing." Zane isn't in the panel, but a burst of short, frenzied lines from the side indicates his surprise.

Edit: In previous versions of this strip, the owner said "Oh, nothing. *Harmless.* Never says a word. Just wants to *look*, is all. Just to *see.* *Curious* little thing."

Panel 6.

Zane is walking away. He looks determined, but he's sweating and shaking all over. He says "I hope she got a *good look,* because it's the *last time* I'll set foot in this town! I'm going to see about my *money*, settle my *debts,* and make sure no one I met yesterday was killed by *bats* or *toilet ghosts.*"

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