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Panel 1

Iris and Zane are walking through Broodhollow in the evening. The wind and snow seem to have died down slightly, although the snow is still piled up, and lights are on in the houses and buildings behind them. The sky and building silhouettes are a rich purple. Iris looks concerned as Zane, his face worried, says "Listen... Make sure your door is *locked tight* tonight. And double-check your *windows*. I have some magician's *throwing knives* at the antique shop if you need any, but *I* want to keep one. Okay, *two.*"

Panel 2.

He looks down, his expression disturbed, as he says "There was a coroner at the last meeting who thinks someone *got* to Maris. That it wasn't an accident. Maurice came to the diner hysterical. The police seem to be taking it seriously!"

Panel 3.

Iris looks distant as she says "I don't think I've heard of an actual *murder* in Broodhollow in my whole *lifetime*. Poor Maris."

Panel 4.

Zane continues "Then there was this *guy* in the diner…" His expression turns annoyed as he said "And *Planchett's* handling the funeral when he doesn't even *care*!" Iris, her expression dubious, says "You're making it sound like a *conspiracy*..."

Panel 5.

Iris stands outside the antiques store, her hands in her pockets and a self-consciously cheerful expression as she says "I'll double-check everything. Don't worry. Hey, it's *White Lamentation* tomorrow. You can drink your glass of warm milk *early*, no one will mind." Zane looks dubious as he reaches for the antique store's doorknob.

Panel 6.

Iris, looking dubious, says "Maybe it'll help you sleep?" Zane, his face worried, doesn't look back at her as he says "Oh, right. That thing I don't do anymore."

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