The same day "Revision" was published on the Broodhollow website, Kris Straub posted the full image of the newspaper on his Tumblr account.[1] The full text of those articles are as follows. Each one cuts off at the point where the newspaper is folded for delivery.

Weather report box, upper-right corner

"Weather. Broodhollow. Brisk November. Partly cloudy."

"Celebration! An Evening of town pride before banner day"

Terrence Fairfitch, Courier-Post Staff

The town once again gathered in the spirit of brotherhood, unity and town pride at last night's Ouster Eve events around the bell tower in the square.

Ouster Eve dates back to the very founding of Broodhollow in 1811, when missionaries banded together to dispel "evil spirits" and the like from the surrounding aether. A little outdated, perhaps! But the intent remains, making Ouster Eve a favorite town holiday that cleaves closely to the festivities of yesteryear. "It's a special time, and a special..."

'The last sentence fragment is a quote, presumably from the Mayor or someone present at the festivities.

"Ouster Eve festivities attract unexpected nocturnal guests"

The noisemaking and revelry of last night's Ouster Eve celebrations roused more than the camaraderie of the men and women of Broodhollow.

Small bats in large numbers, apparently disoriented by the ringing of Ouster tines, fluttered and flapped their way around the town square, only to find a bit"

Visitor Center Volunteers Find Reward in History, Culture

In these troubling economic times, if you find yourself looking to occupy your time, you could do worse than joining the Visitor Center volunteer program. The program has seen a resurgence of interest in recent months, as local high school and college graduates look to fill their seasonal days with activity.

"People don't realize how much history there is here in Broodhollow," says Ernest Yeardling, assistant director at the Broodhollow Visitor Center. "We stand by our town motto but it's really quite a surprise to find out how deep its"

References Edit

  1. Front page of this issue, Kris Straub's Tumblr account, January 4, 2013

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