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Panel 1

Zane is entering the lawyers' office in a great hurry. As he takes off his hat drops of sweat jump from his forehead, and his eyes look haunted. Iris is there, sweeping. Zane says "Iris! You're *safe!* I lost track of --" Iris interrupts him, saying with a cheerful smile, "Oh good morning, Wadsworth! Some night, huh?"

Panel 2.

Zane points out the open door, his arm shaking and his expression incredulous and upset. Outside, the sun is rising over the Broodhollow skyline and a car is going by, and it looks entirely peaceful and normal. He says "I suppose you weren't bothered by the *swarms* of *giant bats*??"

Panel 3.

Iris stops sweeping and looks a little absent as she replies "I'm glad we went inside when we did. The bats were creepy for sure but they dispersed after an hour. Were *you* all right?" Zane replies angrily, "*No! I wasn't!* They were *vicious!* Big as *buildings!*"

Panel 4.

He puts out his arms to his sides and says animatedly, "Until Maurice and his boys helped me out, I thought I was a *goner!*" Iris replies, "I'm glad they were there! Those boys are so helpful."

Panel 5.

Zane looks desperate, a bead of sweat falling from his face and both hands up in a gesture of explanation, as he says "Listen, Iris. I *saw* some things last night and this morning that -- I just -- you've all been very kind but I've *got* to get back *home*. *Please* let me sign whatever form or deed I need to. It can just go to *auction* and you can send me a check for it."

Panel 6.

Iris looks uncomfortable and says "I'm sorry, Mr. Zane, I just can't. It'd be illegal. An executor has to oversee it. And my father's on business. But he's returning *tonight.*"

Panel 7.

She brightens up and says "It's just *one more day.*" Zane turns away, his teeth gritted, beads of sweat on his forehead and his eyebrows drawn together. He says "You're making me do something I really *didn't* want to do."

Panel 8.

Zane is sitting on a couch in an office. He seems meek and uncomfortable, hunching over slightly and holding his hat in his lap. There's a door on the wall behind him, and across from him is a woman sitting at a desk with an old-fashioned telephone on the corner. She's a black woman wearing pearls and a blue sweater, and she looks suspiciously at Zane as she says "Mr. Planchett will see you now, Mr. quote Zane, if that is his real name unquote."

Teaser panel from Kris' tumblr:
From Panel 2, Zane is pointing out the window and saying "I like it when cartoonists post a single panel and link to their strip!"

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