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Panel 1

Zane and Dr. Angstrom are still walking side by side, the buildings of Broodhollow in the background. It's a bright, clear day outside. Zane asks "How can I fight the pattern when every part of me says that spells *doom*?" Dr. Angstrom replies, "Not *fight* the pattern, Mr. Zane. To lessen its stranglehold."

Panel 2.

Dr. Angstrom continues, "To learn to *ignore* it, in very small increments. If the mere act of leaving a door open conjured specters, the world would be *inundated* by them!" He points at something and says "Here, Mr. Zane. Look." There are three small, dark shapes in the background.

Panel 3.

The small shapes turn out to be downed, normal-sized bats. There are six of them on the ground around Zane and Dr. Angstrom. One of them is still flapping weakly. Zane looks down at them sympathetically, his hands on his hips, and says "Gosh. I guess the night was hardest on the little ones." Dr. Angstrom, his hands behind his back, answers "It always is."

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom picks up one of the bats, holding it in front of him with both hands. It's tiny, resting in his palms with its wings tucked underneath it and its ears pointing up. Its eyes are open. He says "Not so fearsome in the light of day, are they? They try their best in the face of adversity, as all of us do. Some fail. But some *flourish*!"

Panel 5.

Zane looks down as Dr. Angstrom, looking at him and smiling, the bat still in his hands, says "Return to your great-uncle's shop. *Learn* more about him, about the town he lived in. Ready the inventory for sale. Busy your mind with *positives.* You can condition yourself for *success* as easily as misery."

Panel 6.

Zane, now holding the bat in front of him in both hands, looks up at Dr. Angstrom as he walks away. Zane says "I'll... I'll try! Dr. Angstrom, I don't know how to thank you." Dr. Angstrom, smiling, says "Mr. Zane, it is *I* who will be thanking *you* in the notes of each of my research papers."

Teaser panel:
From Panel 1, Zane and Dr. Angstrom are walking side by side. Zane says "New strip?" Dr. Angstrom replies "New strip!"

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