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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris is walking outside in the daylight, her cheeks faintly pink from the cold. She is bundled up in a scarf and coat and holding a small parcel wrapped in a pink cloth out in front of her. She smiles and thinks "Hope I make a good impression!" There is snow piled on the ground, and it is snowing heavily. The buildings in the background are silhouetted in a light pink color.

Panel 2.

Iris stands in front of a modest brick home behind a low wooden fence. She looks up at the house, holding her parcel and thinking "I brought a pie. *Everyone* likes that." The home appears to be fairly small, with a front door and one large window on the first floor. There is a second window on the second floor, but the roof is peaked, making it seem that the second floor is only an attic or a small room. There is snow piled on the roof, windowsills and fence. The blowing wind makes the reddish brick seem slightly pink.

Panel 3.

Iris stands on the doorstep, holding her pie out in front of her. Cora and a tiny, very pale and wrinkled old woman are in the house. The old woman says "Ooh, dearie! Come in out of that *cold!* Welcome, welcome." The old woman is wearing a navy hat with a grey bow and an old-fashioned navy dress with lace at the high collar and wrists, while Cora, smiling in a friendly way, is wearing a pink pintucked dress and her hair is up in a bun.

Panel 4.

Cora and the old lady show Iris inside. Cora, addressing the other women in the room, smiles as she says "Ladies, let me introduce you to Miss Bellweather. All grown up! See any familiar faces, Iris?" To Iris' right, the old lady stands next to her, smiling, stooped over slightly and holding her arm. We can see the backs of the heads of two of the other women in the room, one white, one black. They are both wearing fancy hats. The walls are muted shades of pink and magenta.

Panel 5.

Iris, taking off her coat, looks slightly embarrassed as she says "Gosh, I know my mother brought me to auxiliary meetings when I was very little... So I *should*?"

Panel 6.

The old lady, smiling, raises one finger and says "I'm *Mrs. Isquith*, my dear. It helps to remember it sounds like quote "Is Kith" unquote."

Panel 7.

Iris, an apologetic and exaggeratedly polite look on her face, says "That... probably won't help me remember, but thank you."

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