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Panel 1

Zane is walking along a Broodhollow street, with a car going past him and a couple of downed bats on the street. He looks pensive and worried, his lips pursed in thought and his eyes looking to the side. He thinks, "He's right. He's *right!* Nobody else even *sees* this pattern but me. The next twenty-hours are my chance to turn it around. Is that a *sign*? ... Is it wrong to think of things as signs?"

Panel 2.

Zane looks at another man walking past him on the sidewalk. He's whistling as he walks jauntily with his hands in his pockets. Zane thinks "Look at these people. Walking around without a *care.* Why can't I be like them? They don't worry about *ghosts*. Because there *are* none, Wadsworth!"

Panel 3.

The man passes Zane. On the opposite side of the street are a couple walking by in silhouette. There are a few downed bats on the street. Zane holds the bat in his palm and looks at it, smiling nervously. He thinks, "... And even if there *is* a ghost like in the legend, what's it gonna do? *Look* at me to death? It's not... even that scary a *story!* *Right?* Ha ha. Right?"

Panel 4.

The couple stops to look at one of the downed bats. Zane looks at the bats in the street with concern on his face, thinking "And these bats are normal. Not scary. Probably stunned themselves flying into walls."

Panel 5.

Zane looks down at the bat he's holding in both hands and says "You're not even strong enough to fly out of my hands. You're shivering too. You're all *alone* out here, little bat."

Panel 6.

Zane holds the bat and looks into the distance. He looks thoughtful and worried.

Panel 7.

Zane is in the antiques store, standing in front of a small golden bird cage. Inside the cage is a perch for one bird, and the bat is swinging upside down from it, its wings tucked in. It's on a table by a lone screw and a cardboard tube. Zane is leaning close to it, smiling widely but nervously. He says, "This is *just* until you're feeling better. Please don't get big."

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