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The background is white.

Panel 1

Mrs. Isquith, holding a small object between her thumb and index finger towards Iris, says "Miss Bellweather, the Auxiliaresses and I would all like to welcome you to the Bower Brigade. We're so delighted to have you as a sister!" Iris, smiling and touching her fingers to her chest in a gesture of surprise and happiness, says "Oh my! A brooch and everything?" Cora is standing behind her, smiling proudly with her eyes closed.

Panel 2.

Iris says "I just assumed that... this was about... me meeting new people. I didn't think you'd let me into the auxiliary so soon!" We see a close-up of her head and chest. Pinned onto the white Peter Pan collar of her green dress is a small brooch. It is gold and shield-shaped, with a green laurel garland pattern along the top. In the middle is a purple field, on which are a pair of crossed golden shovels. The shovels and their placement are exactly the same as in the Skull and Shovels pin.

Panel 3.

Mrs. Isquith, her wrinkled face wreathed in smiles, says "Dear one! If you're *half* the lady your mother was, we will have made a very good choice in you. We are the bearers of the *spirit* of Broodhollow, its pride and its community. She loved her town very much." Behind her is a silhouette of another lady with an elaborate bow on her hat.

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith continues, "Mrs. Loucks, would you mind acting as Iris' hem once we get her settled?" Cora, smiling brightly, says "I was going to recommend it, Mrs. Isquith!" Iris, her expression emotional, looks over at Cora and smiles.

Panel 5.

Mrs. Isquith says "We become students of each other, you see? It helps all of us handle the day to day. The auxiliary's duties can be *very* complicated, as your mother could attest!"

Panel 6.

Mrs. Isquith, folding her hands together and turning towards Iris, says "So before we review our notes from the last tea, do you have any questions, Miss Bellweather?"

Panel 7.

Iris, touching the pin and tearing up, looks very touched as she says, "Honestly I was still excited about the brooch."

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