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The background is white.

Panel 1

The women are shown in silhouette, as if their shadows are thrown onto the mauve wall behind them. Most of them are sitting down, while one is standing in front of them, one finger raised in a gesture of authority. In the foreground are a white pot of tea, decorated at the spout with a conservative gold band, and a white teacup with a gold band around the edge with swirling steam coming from it. A white doily is in the middle of the table, laid on a green tablecloth. Some pictures of landscapes are on the wall adjacent to the wall where the shadows are. One of the women from the group that's sitting down says "Mrs. Kennikin, as I recall, last meeting we hadn't yet discussed where the Auxiliary should next focus its attention?" The woman standing in front of them answers "Indeed! First, a happy White Lamentation to each of you!"

Panel 2.

The woman standing in front of the others has a pleased smile as she continues, "The Keeper Scout *bake sale* was a tremendous success, raising just shy of *twenty-two* dollars for Troop 304!" The sound of clapping comes from the women in front of her. Mrs. Kennikin is a black woman with a puffy updo of brown hair and glasses. She is wearing a purple jacket with the Auxiliary pin on the lapel.

Panel 3.

Mrs. Kennikin raises one finger and continues, a serious look on her face, "Now -- those lampposts on Pilgrim Street. The ones that have been out for weeks. It's *unsafe* at night! Especially with all the *snow* --" A voice from the crowd says "I -- Pardon --"

Panel 4.

Iris, who is sitting in a chair in the front row, is raising her hand. Small, short lines coming from her head direct attention towards her. She looks somewhat nervous as she says "May I speak?" Cora, sitting next to her, looks towards her. Mrs. Kennikin says "Miss Bellweather. Of course, child."

Panel 5.

Iris, a worried look on her face, says "Um... I know I'm new, but... A *friend* of mine died recently. A good man with no family of his own. He needs a decent *burial*, and... Well. While Mr. Planchett said he'd handle it... I'm just not sure his heart is in the right place." Cora looks on, listening as Iris speaks.

Panel 6.

Mrs. Isquith comes and stands behind Iris' chair, placing one hand on the back of the chair. She looks serious as she says "Mm. It wouldn't be the first time, dear. You say that the man... was a friend of yours?" Iris answers "Yes. And a friend to the town."

Panel 7.

Mrs. Isquith smiles, saying "Iris -- I couldn't fathom a higher compliment." Iris smiles as well.

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