Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 49: A Great Undertaking
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Cora, still sitting to Iris' left, turns toward Iris, and with her face showing her concern, says "Your friend was *Maris,* is that right? The man they found?" Iris, facing Cora, says "That's right." The mauve color of the walls behind them has changed to a rusty red color.

Panel 2.

Iris looks troubled as she continues, "He and the other Bottlefly Boys befriended Wadsworth Zane, when he was new in town. They... They seemed to be there when we needed them *most*. I don't think Maris knew anyone outside of us." Behind her, two silhouettes of women in hats are visible. One hat is more elaborate, with a feather pointing up, and the other is a simpler, seemingly undecorated hat.

Panel 3.

Mrs. Isquith, shown in purple silhouette with some highlights in white, says "An unattended exequies is *unacceptable* for a friend like that! I believe the Bower Brigade has its next great undertaking. Pardon the phrase!" Behind her, the background of the panel is white and Maris' smiling face is shown. It is so light that he nearly blends into the background, and it clearly represents him as he was in life.

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith continues, "All those in favor?" Six separate speech bubbles come from the group of women offscreen, all saying "Aye!" Thin white lines from their direction show the force of their agreement. Mrs. Isquith smiles brightly and says "Sounds unanimous to me!" The background is back to rusty red.

Panel 5.

Cora turns back towards the other women sitting behind her, smiling and giving a thumbs up. She says "And I think none of us *really* mind an opportunity to show Mr. Planchett he's not the *only* one who can get things *done* in this town!" One speech bubble from behind her says "Mm-hmm!" Another says "Hear hear!" Thin white lines from behind her show the strength of their agreement. Iris looks back at the women behind her too, smiling. In the background, Mrs. Isquith clasps her hands together at her waist, smiling.

Panel 6.

Cora, smiling at Iris, says "Your first tea and already giving the Auxiliary a worthy task. I'm certain your mother is looking down with pride today." Iris smiles, obviously very touched, and a tear falls from her eye.

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