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Panel 1

Zane is in the antiques shop front room. It's still a bit on the gloomy side, but not nearly as bad as it was when he first came in. There's a line of items on the table behind him, and the bat is in its cage next to him. The bat is off of its perch, apparently standing on the base of the cage, and facing Zane as if it's listening to him. Zane looks cheerful, but slightly nervous, and is brushing his hands together as if to dust them off. He says, "Looking *good* in here! Ha ha! Really managed to square away the clutter. Front room all dusted and sorted!"

Panel 2.

Zane looks towards the green door of the back room, which is slightly ajar. He says "I could start in the back room where Virgil, uh, *slept*, but... It is getting a little late in the day! A lot of important papers back there. I should look at them tomorrow, when I'm rested up."

Panel 3.

Turning away from the door, and still looking somehow both cheerful and nervous at once, he says "I guess it's like Dr. Angstrom was saying: Sometimes things worth doing take you *away* from familiar surroundings! And maybe... It's not as bad as it seems, or in my case, really, really, *extremely* seems."

Panel 4.

Zane puts his face near the cage, where the bat is still on the base of the cage, looking at him. He says "Ha ha. Guess I can just go on back to the hotel then. ... Where there's no ghost. I mean, there's no *ghosts*. That's not a *real thing*. That's, uh. Just something my *mind* does. Like my own mind is my enemy. *Ha ha!* It must really hate me!"

Panel 5.

Zane looks blankly into space. Behind him is a smoky, delicate vision of the face of the ghost he had seen earlier that day. He is standing right between her eyes, and her face covers the whole panel, with the antiques store background visible behind it. It is very subtly rendered, looking more like a random pattern of swirls at first.

Panel 6.

The background has turned several shades darker, from greyish-blue to nearly black. Zane looks disheartened and blank, and says "Maybe I'll just clean everything in this room again."

Teaser text:
From Panel 1, Zane is brushing his hands together and saying "I guess this comic is over now! No more scary things will happen! You can stop reading it!"

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