Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 50: Access to Shopping
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane is knocking loudly on the door to Dr. Angstrom's house. It is snowing heavily, and the snow is piled up on the roof and ground. The force of Zane's knock is expressed by thin yellow lines around the door.

Panel 2.

Zane looks annoyed, putting his hand to his head and saying "*Darn* it, Mercy. The doc isn't in. I was hoping not to have to wait another day..." Mercy pokes her head out from inside of his coat.

Panel 3.

Zane walks, his hands in his pockets. The snow is so heavy that it is white all around him.

Panel 4.

Zane continues to walk, passing some streetlamps. Again, it is extremely bright and white.

Panel 5.

Zane looks concerned, cupping his hands over his stomach as it makes a "Growl" noise. The noise's loudness is highlighted by thin, wavy yellow lines.

Panel 6.

Zane looks up and sees that he is in front of Cubby's Dining Car.

Panel 7.

Zane, looking disgruntled, says *Darn.*

Panel 8.

As Zane walks towards the restaurant, he says "*Darn* Cubby's Dining Car and its convenient central location."

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