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Panel 1

Cubby's Dining Car as seen from the outside. It is evidently much later in the day, as the sky is dark, perhaps early evening. It is still snowing heavily, and snow is piled on the sign and the street.

Panel 2.

Mr. Novacek, smiling, leans into the booth where Zane is sitting. He asks "Been here all day, Zane?" Zane, who is holding his dream diary in front of him, looks very startled and says "*Oop!* Mr. Novacek. I... guess I spent the day writing."

Panel 3.

Mr. Novacek says "Ditto. Whatcha working on?" He snatches the book out of Zane's hands and looks at it. As Zane, looking uneasy, says "Er --", Novacek says "*Ghosts,* huh? That doesn't sound like it came out of an encyclopedia!"

Panel 4.

Zane snatches the book back, saying "This is... from a bad dream I had once. Guess there are no ghosts in your mystery novels, huh?"

Panel 5.

Novacek looks thoughtful as he says "Oh, a ghost is good for atmosphere, I guess. But it doesn't do a *mystery* any favors. Murder mysteries are about righting a wrong. A *loss*."

Panel 6.

He continues, resting his hands on the table, "Nothing gets lost if everyone can just come back. Wish I believed it. But once this carnival folds up its tents, that's it. Show's over. No town up the road." Zane listens quietly.

Panel 7.

Novacek brings one finger to his mouth in a thoughtful gesture and says "Who knows what that'll be like? Maybe like being *asleep* forever. Wouldn't be so bad." Zane looks to the side, a grim expression on his face as he says "I disagree."

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