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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane and Iris are walking together at twilight. It is still snowing, and the sky and background are shades of purple. The dark environment makes Iris and Zane look darker as well, although they are both shaded normally. Their cheeks are pink from the cold. Iris, glancing behind her and smiling, says "Who was that? Another encyclopedia salesman? He didn't have any bags under his eyes." Zane, walking next to her with his hands in his pockets and looking at his feet, looks very anxious still. His eyes are small blank circles, his lip seems to be quivering slightly and his eyebrows are drawn together.

Panel 2.

Zane looks up and over at Iris and says "No, he's just passing through my mind. *Town!* I mean town." He seems like he's regaining control of himself, but his expression is still rather shaken. He continues, "Did you have a nice tea!"

Panel 3.

Iris, smiling, says "I was so worried I wouldn't fit in, or that I'd just be compared to my *mother*. But they compared me to my *mother!* In good ways!" Zane, watching her, has a sweet, encouraging smile.

Panel 4.

Zane says "That's great! What did the old Bower Brigade talk about?" Iris is striding away from Zane towards a lamppost on which a piece of paper is taped. Her face is grim and annoyed.

Panel 5.

Iris removes the paper from the lamppost and says "This." The paper reads "Services for Familyless Laborer," under which is a picture of Maris gritting his teeth. Under the picture are the words "This week, Scepter Ridge Cemetery." Iris, looking angrily at it, says "Look at this nonsense. Planchett couldn't make less of Maris' funeral if he *tried*."

Panel 6.

Iris, now walking next to Zane and smiling again, says "The Brigade wants to honor him the way he deserves, and raise our own funds for his funeral." Gesturing towards herself, she says "And it was *my* idea!" Zane smiles gently as he listens.

Panel 7.

Zane looks away, a somewhat sheepish smile on his face as he says "Well... *My* society is pretty swell too. I mean... does yours have a weird card game, and a bunch of drunk rich people?"

Panel 8.

Iris closes her eyes, smiling smugly as she answers "No, but we had cakes. And a pie!" Zane grimaces and says "Darn."

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