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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane and Iris are still walking in the snow. The sky is a dark purplish blue, and the buildings of Broodhollow are the same shade, only slightly lighter. The white snow piled on the ground is very bright compared to the background, almost glowing. Iris is smiling but looks concerned as she says "How was your day? You look exhausted." Zane, walking a few paces ahead of her, looks serious and doesn't look at her as he says "I spent it writing in my dream journal... I think I made some serious progress." Iris replies "Good! ... *good*?"

Panel 2.

Zane is standing in front of the antiques store, a foot or two away from the door. He is taking out the key as he talks, an anxious expression on his face as he says "Last night I had a terrible nightmare." Iris, standing behind him with her hands in her pockets, asks "What about?" Zane replies "Maris. But that's not the important part."

Panel 3.

Zane, standing in front of the door with the key in his hand, says "When I woke up, something about being *afraid*... You remember that bat incident?" Iris brings her hand to her mouth in a gesture of surprise and says "On Ouster Eve?" Zane continues "I forgot all about it. That it even *happened*. Until I... felt *fear*." His face is worried.

Panel 4.

Zane begins to unlock the door. The edge of the key is nearly touching the lock. He says "I see Dr. Angstrom tomorrow. I've been writing down a *lot* of little things I'd forgotten. And my *nightmares* are the key. ... I think tonight's is going to be a good one. By which I mean a *bad* one."

Panel 5.

Zane looks extremely nervous, looking to the side, gritting his teeth and drawing his eyebrows together. He says "I'm worried I won't be able to sleep at all. Would you... mind... staying over a little?" Iris, standing behind him, looks quite surprised.

Panel 6.

Zane turns to face Iris, a look of innocent chagrin on his face. His eyebrows are raised very high and his eyes are wide as he says "Er -- just so I'm not *alone!* You can take the bed, I'll fix a *cot* for myself." Iris smiles, looking relaxed, and says "Oh! Of course, Wadsworth."

Panel 7.

She looks curiously at him, saying "...But wouldn't that make you *less* scared, so you wouldn't have a nightmare?" He turns away from her, looking to the side with a resigned, worried expression, and says "Trust me, that's never what happens."

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