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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane and Iris are in the main room of the antiques store, standing near the open back door leading to Zane's bedroom. Enclosing the area around the door is a length of rope which has been hung at waist height. Several objects are tied to it: two bottles, one old tin can and a pair of scissors. Iris, standing behind the rope with Zane, looks wary and somewhat chagrined as she looks at the assortment of objects, saying "Wow, is all this... necessary?" Zane, looking at the rope, says "It is until they find who got *Maris!* So if somebody tries to get *in* here, I wanna *know* about it." The area behind them is a deep blue, as if they've turned out the lights in the main room, but the door is a lighter teal green and the room behind them appears lighter.

Panel 2.

Inside Zane's bedroom, Iris is examining a thin line of string fastened over the door at about nose height. It's tied to two nails on each side of the door frame and there's a little cowbell dangling from the middle. She touches it gingerly as she says "It's not a bad idea for me to stay. That way I can help you with *edulcoration* bright and early!" Zane, bringing out his cot from by the desk, looks somewhat embarrassed as he says "Oh! You don't have to do that! Won't you need to clean up your *own* house?" The lights are on in the bedroom, and we can see that it's boobytrapped, with another line of rope tied up near Iris, a length of rope tied to the chair at Zane's desk, and a wine glass suspended from the ceiling near Zane's bed.

Panel 3.

Iris, her hands on her hips, says "My place is pretty tidy already! But yours..." Zane looks anxious and embarrassed, gesturing and gritting his teeth as he says "Mine isn't... *that*... bad..." Iris, smiling teasingly, says "Maybe before you started booby trapping it." There are more booby traps behind her, shown in silhouette.

Panel 4.

Iris and Zane face each other, and Iris asks "So... if I hear you making noises, should I wake you up from the nightmare?" Zane says "Good idea!" Then his eyebrows go up, and he reconsiders, saying "Wait, that kind of defeats the purpose of seeing what happens." They're positioned so that the open door and the hanging cowbell are right behind them, opening up a dark space in the middle of the panel.

Panel 5.

Iris, looking dubious, says "So should I wake you up if I *don't* hear you making noises?" Zane looks thoughtful as he looks to the side, saying "Gosh, I wonder if I snore." The door behind them is still open.

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