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The background is white.

There are no borders between the panels and no details to the background, giving this strip an unusual, fluid feeling.

Part 1.

Zane, wearing his pajamas, stands at the very edge of the three red lines, looking at them and approaching them tentatively. The ground at his feet and the background behind him are both white, making it look as if he's in a blizzard or walking in nothingness. Just in front of him is what looks like a very, very light peach dust cloud, almost not noticeable at first.

Part 2.

Zane starts to walk on the three red lines. His stride is determined, and his fists are curled tightly. He appears to be concentrating. The lines extend from the left, where we saw them in Part 1, and remain unbroken in Part 2, extending all the way to Part 3 and off the right side of the strip. The light peach dust cloud extends over the lines, as well.

Part 3.

Zane is now running on the three red lines. His teeth are gritted, and he is running through the light peach dust cloud.

Part 4.

The next series of panels starts underneath the previous three. The red lines extend from the very edge of the left side. Zane is still walking along them, but he appears to be meeting resistance from the light peach dust cloud, and is pushing himself against it, shielding his face with one arm and gritting his teeth.

Part 5.

The red lines continue unbroken from part 4 and continue on to part 6. Zane is now crawling along them, his head nearly hidden by the light peach dust cloud.

Part 6.

Zane reaches the end of the lines, and looks up. The light peach dust cloud is behind him now, and he can clearly see what the lines lead to: a small red chair the same color as the lines. It looks as if each of the three lines leads to the base of one of the legs, with the third line connecting two legs. The effect is as if the legs of the chair, but not the chair itself, are casting a shadow, or as if the chair was painted on the ends of the legs and dragged over the ground. The chair is nondescript, with a curved back connected to the seat by three bars. It looks very much like the chair that is at the desk in the antique's store back room..

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