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Panel 1

Zane straightens up, looking up and to his left. Cadavre is there, his arms spread apart in a welcoming gesture. His eyes are closed, and he's wearing his standard stereotypical Frenchman costume. He says "Here we are again, Monsieur Zane. Would --"

Panel 2.

Zane suddenly straightens up and punches Cadavre on the cheek. It makes a cartoonish "Pok" noise and causes blue stars to fly from the area of impact and Cadavre's beret to pop off his head. Zane's hand and the edge of his sleeve are bloody.

Panel 3.

Zane stands up, saying in large text "*Don't quote Monsieur unquote me, you beret-clad bag of bones!*" Then, in normal text, he continues, "Why *you*? Why *this*? *Just tell me!* I'm so sick of these *games!*" His hand is still clenched in a fist at his side, and there is bright red blood on it, and on his sleeve. However, the back of his hand isn't covered in blood, with some white patches of skin showing through on his fingers and wrist. Cadavre is sitting on the ground, propping himself up with one arm. His eyes are open wide and his expression is startled. Short, thin lines coming from his head show his shock, and a couple of blue stars around his cheek indicate his pain. Between Zane and Cadavre are the three lines of red, unblemished by the conflict or Zane crawling on them.

Panel 4.

Cadavre says "Zut! Speaking with the mortals, it is *always* a game! None of us enjoy this -- comment ce dit -- *nonsense!*" A single star from his head shows the lessening of the pain from the punch. He is facing Zane, who is standing in a threatening pose, both fists clenched at his side, and glaring at Cadavre, his teeth gritted. Both of his hands are bloody, and from this side, the backs of his hands appear to be covered in blood, with no white spots visible. There is also blood on the edges of his sleeves, and some spots of blood at his waist.

Panel 5.

Cadavre, now standing up, holding one hand in front of his chest and looking seriously at Zane, says "If life is a game, it is one we lose inch by inch. There is no winner. You must simply stop playing."

Panel 6.

Zane glares back angrily as he raises one bloody hand in a gesture of explanation and says "I know this is a dream. And I know being afraid has something to do with memory. *Fear* made me *remember.*"

Panel 7.

Zane squeezes his eyes shut and leans forward toward Cadavre, who is standing inches away from him with his eyes open. Between them is the red chair, and the red lines leading to the base of its legs. Zane says "*Scare* me."

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