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The background is very dark blue.

Panel 1

Dr. Angstrom's car is driving on a road surrounded by a forest of tall pine trees, the headlights illuminating the trees in front of it as he drives. The stars are out, and the sky is dark blue and back. Zane says, "I feel so *dizzy*... How far is the hospital? How long have we been driving?" Dr. Angstrom replies "Twenty minutes or so. We're nearly there, as I recall."

Panel 2.

Dr. Angstrom, with both hands on the wheel and a displeased expression on his face, continues "I visited *Amaranth General* a year or so ago for a regional symposium on pervasive *depressive* disorders. *Some* doctors actually espouse removing portions of the brain. *Barbarism!* What's needed is *additional* brain!"

Panel 3.

Zane leans forward and asks, his face worried, "Are you taking me there for *that*?" The blood coming from the wound on his head has started to spread above the bandages covering it. Angstrom replies, "*Heavens* no, Mr. Zane, not even if the technique existed. The only thing being added to your head is a few *stitches!*"

Panel 4.

Zane asks "Why... is the hospital so *far* outside town?" Then he looks distraught, small lines indicating surprise coming from his head and his eyes looking shocked, and says "Oh my gosh! *Mercy*! Where's Mercy?"

Panel 5.

Iris points at Zane's shirt and says, smiling, "Is that her name? We found her clinging to your side. We couldn't budge her." Zane looks down at his shirt. Mercy has the claws on her wings and feet hooked into his shirt, and she's quivering slightly and saying "eeee" in small type. Zane looks down at her, relieved and happy, and says "Oh! Whew."

Panel 6.

Dr. Angstrom, still looking forward and driving, says "Your small friend *Mercy* is a very positive sign, Mr. Zane! There is a new school of psychology which suggests phobias can be cured with *therapeutic aversion.*

Panel 7.

He continues, "The idea being, one way to end irrational fears is to rush headlong *into* them." The car is within sight of the hospital. The trees get smaller, then thin out into a clearing, and the road winds past the forest to a single-story red brick building with rows of windows, some lit up, some not lit up. There are no other buildings around the hospital, just cleared forest around it and more forest behind it. The building itself looks rather nondescript, with little decoration and a flat roof.

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