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The background is dark bluish-green.

Panel 1

The hospital is shown from the outside. It is a boxy red brick building with shrubs around the front and sides. About half of the lights are on. A sign in front says "Amaranth General Hospital." In the background is the forest, and the night sky is dotted with stars. A voice from inside says "Mr. Zane, you've had a *nasty* bump on the head. I imagine you already *knew* that... Is that the scent of *switchwater* I detect on your breath?" Zane replies, "Er. Yes, nurse."

Panel 2.

A nurse is standing next to Zane with a threaded needle in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. She is an older, severe-looking white woman in glasses, a white uniform and a hat emblazoned with a red cross. She says "I don't have to tell you it's poison for the body *and* the spirit. You'll have fewer *accidents* if you give up drink altogether." A subdued, worried looking Zane looks away. There are five stitches closing up a wound on his temple.

Panel 3.

Zane sits down on the examining table. His arms are crossed in front of him, resting on his legs, and he is bowing his head, looking at the ground and seeming miserable. Mercy is flying about a foot over his head.

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom comes over next to Zane, putting his hand on the examining table and asking "Wadsworth, I would be remiss not to ask... Did your *visions* return tonight? In any form?" Zane looks away from him, an evasive and sad expression on his face and says "*Sigh* What difference does it make, Doc?" Mercy is clinging to Zane's shoulder, on the side that's further away from Dr. Angstrom.

Panel 5.

Zane, still looking away and seeming forlorn, says "Did I see something? Yes. Was it *real*? No. No, it wasn't. I'm ready to go *home*, Dr. Angstrom." Mercy is still clinging tightly to his shoulder.

Panel 6.

Dr. Angstrom moves over to the side where Mercy is and says, with a worried look on his face, "I believe you *can* be *cured*, Wadsworth --" Zane puts his head in his hands and, anguished, says "Then maybe *that's* what I can spend my inheritance on. Another twelve hours or so and I'll have enough to get myself *committed.*" Iris looks on.

Panel 7.

Dr. Angstrom closes his eyes, a concerned look on his face, and says "If it's any consolation, asylum care *is* often quite *easy* on the pocketbook..." Iris says "*Dr. Angstrom!*" angrily. Zane still has his head in his hands and is gritting his teeth, and Mercy is still clinging to his shoulder.

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