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The background is dark purple.

Panel 1

Zane, Dr. Angstrom and Iris are standing next to Dr. Angstrom's car. Facing Iris, Dr. Angstrom says "Iris, Wadsworth, you are both *more* than welcome to stay at my home. I have the space." Iris, holding a handkerchief and no longer crying but still looking very upset, says "I'd really appreciate that, Dr. Angstrom."

Panel 2.

Iris gets inside the car, saying "I... remember pieces of my father's death. That... I brought him here too *late*... I need to know what happened. But... Not tonight."

Panel 3.

From her seat inside the car she looks out the window at Zane, a worried look on her face, and says "And Wadsworth, I... I don't know how this affects the *shop*, but --" With a sympathetic look on his face, Zane replies "Iris, that's the *last* thing I'm worried about. Well, *close* to the last. I'm gonna stay. Until we find out what's going on here." Mercy is clinging to his back.

Panel 4.

Zane looks anxious but determined as he says "I know you guys are watching out for *me*... I'm not *crazy* to think I should do the same. And it *sounds* crazy, but there's *got* to be something *behind* these... goings-on!"

Panel 5.

Iris sits in the back, looking melancholy and lost in her own thoughts. Dr. Angstrom is sitting at the wheel, and as Zane approaches the front passenger seat he says "Mr. Zane, climb in. And I wish you'd cure yourself of using that *word.* In certain people, for certain reasons, the mind has difficulty synthesizing what it *perceives* into a logical framework."

Panel 6.

Zane climbs into the car. The scene is shown in semi-silhouette, and the two white squares of Dr. Angstrom's glasses and the white bandage on Zane's head stand out in the shadowy blues and blacks that make up the rest of the picture. Dr. Angstrom says, "The only quote crazy unquote thing quote going on unquote in this town is terribly trying circumstances. We're *all* susceptible in different ways."

Panel 7.

Dr. Angstrom continues, "The important thing is to not let them *get* you." Zane, sitting in the front seat with Mercy on his lap, sitting up and looking forward, closes the car door. His eyes are squeezed shut, his teeth are gritted and he says "Ha ha. I'm trying very hard."

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