Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 65: Things Are Normal
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Panel 1

Iris, who is sweeping in the main room of the antiques shop, looks over at Zane and, smiling, says "This place is looking much better! I've never seen you work so fast before." Zane opens a large trunk with ornate gold edges and says "I guess I'm just... motivated to find out what all exactly I've got in this shop!" A cobweb trails from the top of the trunk. Zane is sweating and trembling, and he looks very anxious. Mercy flies around above them. The room is colored in cool blues, but the light from outside is bright white, filtered through the several square panels of the antique store's windows.

Panel 2.

Iris is smiling as she holds her broom and says "No progress from your dreams last night? At least you *slept* well. It must have rejuvenated you! *I* woke up a couple times. Every time I looked, you had the most peaceful expression on your face." Mercy hovers behind her, her wings outstretched.

Panel 3.

Zane, still sweating and trembling heavily, looks over at Iris with a concerned look on his face. He scratches his chin and says "Iris, have you... noticed me... acting *weird* in the last... I don't know, month or two?"

Panel 4.

Iris, closing her eyes and smiling, reaches out to pat Zane on the shoulder. She says "Wadsworth, you're *always* acting a little weird. That's how I know things are *normal*." Zane is sweating, his eyes are open, and his mouth is a wobbly line, giving him an uncomfortable look.

Panel 5.

Iris tosses the broom to Zane, and he catches it with both hands, looking down at it and gritting his teeth. She says "Anyway, if you need anything more, I'll be around later! I've got to get the word around about fundraising for Maris' funeral..."

Panel 6.

Iris, wearing her coat and scarf, is leaving the antiques shop, but she pokes her head back through the open door, smiling cheerily and saying "Never thought I'd say this to you, but I hope you have a nightmare tonight!" Zane, clinging to the broom with both hands, trembles and sweats heavily, and his eyes become small, blank circles as he nervously answers "*Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Yes! Ha! Goodbye!*"

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