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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane is trudging through the snow, with the wind blowing into his face. He has both diaries tucked under one arm, and his expression is tense and anxious. His red scarf blows out behind him.

Panel 2.

Zane reaches Angstrom's house and, climbing the front steps, bangs loudly on the door.

Panel 3.

Angstrom opens the door and says "Ah, Mr. Zane. You are a *bit* early, but I too am anxious to see if your journaling has led to any rev--" Zane cuts him off, saying "*You were wrong.*"

Panel 4.

Angstrom looks taken aback. He and Zane are shown in profile, so we can see his expression behind his glasses. He says "I don't... What is this in reference --" Zane leans forward, pointing at him, and Angstrom leans back. Zane is upset, even crying, as he says "*Broodhollow forgets everything!* That includes you!" Short, thin lines coming from his head show the force of his statement.

Panel 5.

Zane holds up the two journals, one battered and well-used, and one nearly new. He says "*Two journals*, Doc! You told me to keep one over a month ago, and we *both* forgot. When I kept having nightmares, you told me to keep a journal a *second time*. How else --" He is still crying and looks extremely scared, and long, thin lines coming from his head show how strong his emotions are.

Panel 6.

Angstrom holds one finger up in the air and holds out his notepad in front of him with his other hand. He frowns as he looks at it, saying "Troubling but easily *disproven*. I take notes of *all* our sessions, my boy. Quote recommend dream journal. Find common threads. unquote."

Panel 7.

Zane and Angstrom are shown in silhouette, Zane in a dusty red and Angstrom in blue. The only feature that can be seen are their eyebrows; Zane's are upset and forceful, while Angstrom's are drawn together and worried. Zane says "Go a month back, Doc! What do your notes say *then*?" Angstrom reads, "quote Z having nightmares. Recommend -- unquote."

Panel 8.

Angstrom looks down at his journal, holding it in front of him with both hands. His eyebrows are drawn together and his expression is scared and dismayed. He continues, "... quote Recommend dream diary. Look for common threads. unquote." Then, in small text, he says "Mein Gott."

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