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The background is white.

Panel 1

Angstrom and Zane are in Angstrom's library, with shelves of books in the background. Angstrom faces away from Zane and walks a few paces, gesturing with one finger in the air and furrowing his brow as he says "There's -- You kept two journals at the *same time* because your *subego* needed to distance itself from negative emotion --" Zane, taking off his scarf and coat, gives him a nonplussed look, one eyebrow raised high, and says "No, Doc." The scene is colored in cool, muted blues.

Panel 2.

Angstrom keeps walking away from Zane. He's slightly hunched over, one hand behind his back and the other touching his chin in a thoughtful gesture, and his face is filled with concentration as he continues "You matriculated your paranoia into a physical manifestation using *infraconscious cues* to create a believable hoax --" Zane, walking behind him, gestures with both hands and says earnestly "But your notes, Doc."

Panel 3.

Angstrom, both hands clasped behind his back, faces away from Zane and says "Your desire to *disempower* your *guilt state* resulted in a schizomaniac parallusive fantasy which you attribute to *supernatural* forces --" Zane, starting to look angry, shouts "*Your notes were repeated too!*"

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom, looking increasingly desperate, turns toward Zane and, gesturing with both hands in front of him, says "My *skepticism* rendered me in a highly suggestive mental posture, leading me to believe I *saw* repetition in my notes, when in *fact* --"

Panel 5.

Zane leans forward, his expression serious and angry, and says, in large text, "*Doctor. Angstrom.*" Short, thin lines come from him, showing his intensity. The background is a vivid yellow, which is extremely jarring and in direct contrast with the muted blues that make up the background of the previous panels.

Panel 6.

Dr. Angstrom, still standing and facing Zane, slumps his shoulders, letting his head fall slightly. Although his eyes are hidden by his large, square glasses, he looks defeated, with his eyebrows drawn together and a weary frown. The background has gone from a cool, muted blue to a more vibrant, colorful shade of blue.

Panel 7.

Angstrom faces Zane and says, in small text, "In school they taught us *about* the crazy ones, not how to *be* one." The two of them are shown in profile, so we can see that behind his glasses, Angstrom is deeply shaken. Zane looks back at him with concern on his face.

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