Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 68: Original Nature
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Panel 1

Zane and Angstrom are still in Angstrom's library. The blue color of the walls is bright, but not oversaturated with color. Zane faces Angstrom and, gesturing toward him with a concerned, almost pleading expression on his face, says "Remember how you *told* me that there *has* to be *some* solution? And that we would *find* it? Come on, Doc. I need you to not panic." Angstrom, facing Zane with his hands on his hips and a worried expression on his face, says "Of course. Of course. Yes. Forgive my *lapse.*"

Panel 2.

Angstrom, furrowing his brows, says "It seems... we must take these events as *given*... I believed *awareness* of this town's mnemonic *lacunae* would save me from them. But even a *daily* written ritual failed to help you..."

Panel 3.

Angstrom, turning away from Zane, looks thoughtful and points his index finger up in a gesture expressing his concentration. He says "How much have *I* forgotten over the years here? The sufferer retains a *sense* of continuity..." Zane, looking at Angstrom with a worried look on his face and a bead of sweat on his temple, says "That's -- That's what *I* want to know --"

Panel 4.

Zane, gritting his teeth, drawing his eyebrows together and starting to sweat, says "Do you think it's possible that... a sufferer would possibly do something... they'd *regret*? And then lose their memory of it?" His speech bubble is a beige color instead of the usual white, although it seems to highlight the importance Zane places on the question, not indicate that his tone of voice has changed.

Panel 5.

Angstrom, facing Zane and gesturing, says "Logically, a person who follows their original nature... would *keep* their original nature in the end. But there's no way to be certain when one's own *mind* is suspect." Zane is still facing him, but looks away evasively, still gritting his teeth. He starts to sweat even more.

Panel 6.

Angstrom, picking up the battered dream journal and opening it in a smooth motion, looks disturbed and thoughtful as he continues, "I wouldn't concern myself with that prospect. The ramifications are already so large as to be unimaginable." Zane, still facing Angstrom but looking off to the side, starts to sweat so heavily it's comical, with little beads of sweat flying off his face. His eyes are blank and terrified, and his smile is ghoulishly wide as he says "*Ha ha! Feels that way! Ha ha!*"

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