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Panel 1

Mrs. Isquith is standing in the middle of a circle of Auxiliary women, including Iris, Cora and Mrs. Kennikin. Other women are shown in silhouette behind her, one wearing an elaborate hat with a feather pointing up. Mrs. Isquith, holding a sheet of paper and wearing a hat with a ribbon on it, a coat with a fur collar and gloves, says "We'll take the block north of Pruitt. Miss Bellweather, Mrs. Loucks, you can work your way *east*, and we'll all meet in front of the Avery building." Iris says "That's quite a long *walk*, Mrs. Isquith, in this weather --" It is snowing heavily, and appears to be blustery and windy.

Panel 2.

Mrs. Isquith replies, "*Hush, child*. I've spent all my winters in Broodhollow, and am prepared to spend many more of them here." Her expression is hard to read, but doesn't seem unkindly.

Panel 3.

She says "Now let's *go*! We haven't much *time*!" The women disperse in groups of two. They're standing in an open area near several snow-covered buildings, with the forest behind them.

Panel 4.

Iris, walking side by side with Cora, says "Mrs. Isquith certainly is a *spirited* lady." Cora replies with a smile, "She's a wonderful example to the Auxiliary. She's been with it since she was even younger than *you*, I think."

Panel 5.

Iris says "That must have been a *very* long time..." Her eyes go blank and terrified, and she opens her mouth in dismay, saying "*Oh!* I mean-- I didn't--" Cora laughs, closing her eyes and smiling with a touch of embarrassment, saying "*Ha ha!* Iris, she didn't hear you."

Panel 6.

Cora continues, "Even if she *had*, she'd have *agreed* without a moment's pause!" The two women are shown in silhouette, walking away from Planchett, who is standing several feet behind them. He's wearing a hat and gloves, and he's watching them walk with his hands on his hips. His face is not visible.

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