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The background is white.

As with the previous strip, this is in the format of a three-panel black and white newspaper strip.

Panel 1.

Cadavre is sitting at a bar, wearing his trademark beret and black and white striped shirt. He looks weary and thoughtful as he holds a glass of cognac, a lit cigarette balanced on the edge of the ashtray near him. He looks as if he's had a spotlight shined on him, as he's in a large circle of white beyond which is a black background. He says, "We are all made of the same atoms, non? There is no such thing as the object..."

Panel 2.

Cadavre continues, "What separates the air from the bar? The floor from the chair? The cognac from me?

Panel 3.

Cadavre raises the glass to his mouth, closing his eyes, and says "Ah, there is an answer to that one! The glass!"

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