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Panel 1

Cora is nailing a notice up to a fence, with several other notices sticking out of her pocket. She says "Your mother was a lot like Mrs. Isquith. She never let a little cold weather stop her either!" Iris, who is standing a few feet away, reaching out to a telephone pole with several old notices nailed to it haphazardly, says "I remember that about her. The only thing this weather has stopped so far is all feeling in my hands!" She brings one hand up to her cheek. It is snowing heavily, and the weather seems blustery.

Panel 2.

Cora continues to nail the notice to the fence, holding it in place with one hand, as she says "I lost my family when I was young too. They were coming back from Lasker City. Struck by a car. I'm sorry about your father, Iris. We *all* are."

Panel 3.

Cora looks over at Iris, one thumb still on the upper left corner of the notice, and says "But you know how much they *loved* you. Your dad watched you become a young woman. My parents saw me marry Eli. That matters. And what about you? What are your plans for the future?" The notice is more clearly visible now. The writing is a little hard to read, but it appears to read "Celebration" on the top. Underneath that is a picture of Maris. He's smiling and looks relaxed. Under the picture is Maris' full name, Maris Kruzevabole, in type nearly too small to read. Underneath that are the words "Tomorrow 7."

Panel 4.

Iris, looking over at Cora, seems somewhat anxious as she says "I had always *planned* to go to college. I always wanted to be a teacher. Maybe even at Maple Grove. There's still time." From offscreen, Cora asks "Maple Grove? And leave Broodhollow?" Iris answers, "That was the plan."

Panel 5.

Cora smiles at Iris as she walks over towards her and says "I settled down. I suppose you think it's old-fashioned. But that doesn't mean it's not important. I think it'd be a great shame for you to leave Broodhollow."

Panel 6.

The two women are walking side by side, and Cora is holding a stack of notices in front of her as she looks over at Iris and says "The town needs more young women like you." Iris looks angry as she says "Between your family and mine, Broodhollow doesn't have a very nice way of showing it."

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