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The background is white. As with the other Cadavre strips, this one is made to look like a scanned black-and-white newspaper comic.

Panel 1

Cadavre is lying on the ground, his head propped up against a rock, arms behind his head and legs crossed. He is looking cooly at another skeleton figure. This one is wearing a suit and a little hat, and his skull is long and tall, with two teeth as opposed to Cadavre's three. He has his hands on his hips and is glaring at Cadavre as he says "Cadavre! How can you lay about while others contribute to society?"

Panel 2.

Cadavre, his eyes wide open but his position unchanged, replies "Mon pauvre Mort! I have tried a great many vocations! But I discovered I am simply not suited to any other task!"

Panel 3.

Cadavre, closing his eyes, continues "My contribution to society is abstinence from contribution!" Mort jumps backwards, his eyes squeezed shut and his head flying off his head comically.

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