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Panel 1

Iris and Cora are standing outside a teal house, talking to a man as the snow continues to fall. He's black and has closely-cropped hair, oval glasses and wears a blue sweater. He's standing inside the doorframe, holding the door open as he says "*Tomorrow* night? Awful short notice." Iris gestures and says "But it would mean *so* much to us. Maris was a good man. He *deserves* a ceremony that reflects that."

Panel 2.

The man says "What about what Mr. Planchett is doing? Isn't *that* enough?" Cora, her expression concerned, answers "Mr. Beringer, you know what Mr. Planchett is like? Do you imagine what he's doing is enough?"

Panel 3.

Mr. Beringer answers "...When you put it that way, I'll be there." He passes a bill to Iris, smiling and saying "And here's a little something extra. For a few flowers." Iris and Cora smile back, and Iris says "Thank you!"

Panel 4.

Planchett strides towards the man's front door, his expression angry as he gestures, pointing with his index finger. He says "Hmm! Shelling out *lettuce* for forget-me-nots, but you balk at the price of *fertilizer*?!" The man looks toward him, his expression surprised and worried, and says "Mr. Planchett!" Long, thin lines radiating from his head show his shock. Planchett answers "Gas your grass someplace else, clodhopper!" Planchett's coat is pinstriped, double-breasted and apparently expensive, and he's coordinated his gloves, scarf and hatband.

Panel 5.

Planchett and Iris are shown in profile facing each other, their body language confrontational. Planchett looks down at her, his expression annoyed, and says "And you two -- what's the idea with *this* baloney? You trying to muscle in on my *position*?" Iris glares back at him, her expression angry as she says "Our remembrance of our friend has nothing to do with *you*!"

Panel 6.

Planchett's expression is contorted with anger as he replies "*Everything* what goes *on* in this community has to do with me! If someone's fixing to step into Rutherford Planchett's shoes, they'll need more than a coupla *snowblind broads!!*"

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