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Panel 1

Iris's expression is determined and confrontational as she faces Planchett, saying "Mr. Planchett, what is your problem if we want to honor Maris beyond his burial rites?!" Planchett answers "Because it's *frivolous!* And Broodhollow is shirking tradition for *slapdash ad hoc foofaraw!* When old Father *Theophilus Planchett* arrived here in 1740, it feel to him and him *alone* to give the *last rites*! If you want to throw a ring-a-ding-ding, do it some other night!" The snow continues to whirl around them.

Panel 2.

Planchett closes his eyes, his expression pompous, and points his index finger up in a lecturing gesture as he continues, "And the more you dames *bake-sale* and *circle-quilt* your way into *other people's business*--" A voice from offscreen says, in large text, "*Ruthie!*" The border of this speech bubble is three times as thick as the border of a normal speech bubble, and it overlaps Planchett's speech bubble slightly, giving it the feeling of a loud interruption.

Panel 3.

Planchett jumps, and his hat flies off of his head comically. His eyes become small, terrified circles, and his expression looks chagrined and startled. Short, thin lines from his head express the effect of being addressed this way. Mrs. Isquith is standing a few feet behind him, holding her fist out at him and looking cross. She says "I could hear you whinging a *street away*. The Ladies' Auxiliary has been nearly as long as the Planchetts. We *know* tradition is everything."

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith continues "Are you so threatened by us comforting those who want to remember what a loyal man Maris was?" Planchett turns to face her. He's sweating and holding his hat in his hands in front of his chest. He looks evasively to the side, his expression anxious as he answers "Well, he was --" Mrs. Isquith interrupts him, saying "He was what? *Poor*? Spoke another *language*? For shame, Ruthie. Your father didn't raise you this way." Planchett's speech bubble is tucked underneath Mrs. Isquith's speech bubbles.

Panel 5.

Planchett looks at Mrs. Isquith, still holding his hat in his hands, and looks thoroughly cowed as he says, in small text, "I'm s-sorry, Mrs. I-Isquith." Again, his speech bubble is partially covered by hers as she says "Don't you mumble your apologies to *me*, young man."

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