Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 75: Letter and Intent
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris looks embarrassed, touching her hand to the side of her head and looking to the side, as she says "Thank you for coming to the rescue, Mrs. Isquith." Mrs. Isquith, facing Iris, gestures with her fist as she says "You don't need to be afraid of men like Planchett. He was handed everything, including his *bluster*." The snow continues to fall around them, and the buildings in the background are shadowy bluish-grey against a light aqua sky.

Panel 2.

Cora, coming to stand next to Mrs. Isquith, smiles as she says "Besides, I didn't see you wilt when he stormed up!" Mrs. Isquith smiles as well.

Panel 3.

Iris looks irritated as she says "I never understood how Broodhollow could have a single set of traditions, but people *still* fight over them." Mrs. Isquith answers, "It's a difficult balance, child."

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith comes closer to Iris, touching her on the shoulder and continuing, "Sometimes the *letter* of the law and the *intent* of the law feel at odds. But they're sides of the same *coin*." She smiles, and Iris smiles as well.

Panel 5.

Mayor Osgood, wearing a hat, earmuffs, coat and bright aqua scarf, walks up to the group with a concerned look on his face. He says "*Thor's thunderclap*! I was walking down this way and saw Mr. Planchett snarling and sputtering off in a huff. Would *you* happen to know anything about that, Mrs. Isquith?" Long, thin black lines coming from his head show his surprise and sudden appearance on the scene.

Panel 6.

Mrs. Isquith puts her hand by her mouth, smiling and looking demure as she says "Why, Mayor Osgood, I have *no idea* what you're talking about." Osgood, facing her and grinning smugly with his eyes closed, answers "If you find the guilty party, let me know. I have a key to the city for them."

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