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Panel 1

Zane and Angstrom are standing in a clearing in the forest. Angstrom, facing Zane, says "So far, we don't yet understand the mechanism of your *fear pattern*. There's no memory return, *despite* you showing all the signs of high anxiety." Zane, looking back at him with blank, terrified eyes and an anxious expression, trembles as he says "You read me like a book, Doc." There's several pine trees in the background, and it's snowing heavily.

Panel 2.

Angstrom looks at Zane curiously and says "What scares you right *now*, Mr. Zane? It's very important that you be honest. Zane thinks "That I committed a murder. That I will kill again." His text is written in red. His speech bubble covers up part of the thought bubble, as he answers "It's, uh -- it's just -- my *dreams*, Doc. I f-feel like time is running out to learn what they *mean*." Zane looks to the side evasively, his eyes still terrified, and he continues to tremble.

Panel 3.

Zane puts a hand on his back and points to the side, saying "Er, plus the cold weather is *really* making my back act up. We should probably get out of these woods, don't you think?" His thought bubble reads "Kill" in red text, and is partially covered up by the speech bubble. His eyes are still tiny terrified circles, and he continues to tremble. Small yellow stars float around his back, cartoonishly indicating his back pain.

Panel 4.

Angstrom looks concerned, gesturing and saying "Perhaps dream analysis is still our best way forward. At least until we get clarity on *which* of the events in the journal will trigger your hidden memories. I want to be right there when they do."

Panel 5.

Zane, walking away from Angstrom and pointing away from the clearing with both hands, turns his head back to Angstrom, saying "...So we should probably get out of these woods, don't you think?" Zane's eyes are still blank and terrified. Angstrom is shown in profile, his hands in his jacket pockets, and his expression isn't obscured by his glasses. He looks at Zane dubiously.

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