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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane is walking through the dark library stacks, one hand on a shelf of books. He looks thoughtful as he says "One of the books the librarian mentioned should be right... here. Huh, it's the only one missing --" There are small, thin lines indicating the space where the book should be.

Panel 2.

In the empty space, between books titled "The Stillwood Legacy" and "Ethylor And Its Many Uses", he sees Iris on the other side of the shelf. She is peering at him through the space, one eye visible.

Panel 3.

The reader sees Zane from Iris' perspective, as one eye through the space between books. His surprise is indicated by thin lines from his head. Iris is holding a book. Zane says "... *Iris*?" She replies, "Wadsworth!" This panel is not bordered by lines, giving it a more abstract feel.

Panel 4.

Iris approaches the other side of the shelf, holding the book in front of her in both hands. She says "Dr. Angstrom told me about the fire, and Young Maddy --" Zane looks uneasily to the side, saying "Oh?"

Panel 5.

Zane turns away from her, looking tense and annoyed. He says "I'm surprised he'd say anything to you that wasn't from one of his *psychology* papers. That it doesn't matter how much a ghost story fits the facts. It's still just a *story*."

Panel 6.

Iris replies, "Dr. Angstrom wants to help, but... The way I see it... *Science* helps us in our struggle to understand *how*." Zane turns his head toward her, looking apprehensive but listening.

Panel 7.

Iris continues, "But *stories*... Stories took care of us a lot longer than science did. Stories tell us *why*."

Panel 8.

Iris and Zane are shown in silhouette facing each other. Iris says, "I'm here to find out why my father died." Zane answers, "So am I."

Panel 9.

Iris and Zane are shown as if the reader is on top of one of the shelves looking down a them. Zane says "I'm not ready to tell Dr. Angstrom, but I think you should know. I've been invited to a meeting tonight..."

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