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The background is black.

Panel 1

Zane, wearing his pin on one of his suspenders, is guided inside by the figure in red. He looks reluctant, and holds his hands out in front of him as if he's ready to protect himself. He looks sidelong at the figure, which the reader can now see is wearing a red robe with gold stitching. The robe has a hood, which has a large triangular flap that goes over the forehead. On top of the flap is the upside down skull and shovel logo, in gold. It is larger than the pin that Zane is wearing. The figure's face is not visible. The background is very dark, such a dark red that it's almost black.

Panel 2.

Zane finds himself surrounded by other figures wearing the same red and gold robe. His eyes look terrified, and he brings his hands to his face, short yellow lines above his head indicating his surprise. Three of the figures start to chant. The usual speech bubble has black text on a white background with a black line around it, but their speech bubble has red text on a black background with a white line around it. With the red cloaks and the nearly black background, the effect is unusual and unsettling. They chant, "Puy Isaa Eiletin Cluus Paramiino Sfuul."

Panel 2.

One of the figures holds up his left hand, palm out, and chants "Puy Seluub Liheae Keh Anosa Vong Peromii Seluub Liheae." Although we are seeing him fairly close up, his face is still entirely hidden.

Panel 3.

Two of the other figures reply "Puy Isil Aatu Fei Lucii Arch Kiishuu Rech Lak Lai." Zane, startled, turns around quickly, looking terrified. He is sweating heavily and his eyes are blank.

Panel 4.

Zane is in the middle of a tight circle of the figures. There appear to be seven of them, all wearing the hood and gold logo. Four of them chant "Puy Isaa Songom Brukkul Talaa Su Ruureh!"

Panel 5.

Two of the figures loom over Zane. Although the reader is looking directly at them, their faces are entirely hidden. They chant "Puy Isaa Iilm Oreaehor Daepor Taiduuga Aradin!"

Panel 6.

A close-up of the logo on the hoods of one of the figures. Again, the face cannot be seen. The figure chants "Puy sileduu ufrii raepoa ravuua belles fii mael enhonm deluu manteae!"

Panel 7.

A text box covers the top half of the panel. It is bright red, with white text reading "O Hel! O Helle! O Hell!" Underneath it, Zane is screaming. He is quivering in fear, both hands up, crying and sweating, and his eyes are blank and his mouth wide open. He appears to be bathed in red light, and he is surrounded by many skull and shovels logos.

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