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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane, walking alongside Mayor Osgood and still looking rather shaken, turns towards him and asks "Did everyone here know my grand-uncle?" The background is striped in shades of light pinkish-grey.

Panel 2.

Osgood replies, "Yes, yes! Virgil was in fine standing for decades. *Very* big on tradition and town history. Maybe moreso than even *Planchett*. You'd think they'd have gotten along better." Behind Osgood on the left, a man in a green cardigan with dark brown hair slicked into a point over his forehead is talking to a figure that's mostly cut off by the panel border. On the right, Planchett is holding a drink and listening in on the conversation, a troubled, thoughtful look on his face.

Panel 3.

Planchett joins in, standing across from Zane and gesturing with his drink. His face is serious as he says "We didn't see eye-to-eye on how to *grow* the town. But he had my respect. I'm a man of Broodhollow through and through. So was your old man Virgil." Zane looks a little intimidated by the man.

Panel 4.

Planchett, a pompous expression on his face, continues "But like any *beeswax*, a town needs to *expand* to succeed!" Osgood, standing next to Planchett, looks a little frustrated as he looks at him, saying "Planchett! Not all *this* again!" Behind them are two figures, shown in silhouette and partially cut off by the panel borders. The hairstyle on one indicates that it's the owner of the Hotel Umbra, but the hairstyle on the other isn't familiar.

Panel 5.

Planchett, turning towards Osgood, looks a little frustrated and insistent as he replies "*Yes* this again! Tradition only gets you so far. This place was *built* by businessmen. Samuel Boston brought industry to the region with his metal works. Half the *brass* in town is *his!*" Behind him, the owner of the Hotel Umbra smiles vacantly, his eyes closed.

Panel 6.

Planchett, facing away from Zane and Osgood, continues, "This house belonged to William Harker. He tailored a *suit* for President Van Buren! Did you know that?" Zane, watching him, says "No... "

Panel 7.

Planchett, glaring at Zane and gesturing with his drink, says "So you're in the club on a *technicality*, kid. Aces. You ain't outta the woods yet."

Panel 8.

Zane, looking back at Planchett with obvious trepidation, grits his teeth and asks "Are these woods... metaphorical?"

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