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The background is white.

Panel 1

The sun is rising over the Broodhollow skyline. The sky is hazy, and snow is falling in large flakes over the city. The Stillwood Forest can be seen in the distance, and in the foreground are several snow-topped buildings, including the clock tower. The clock reads 10:05.

Panel 2.

Iris, wearing her coat, hat and scarf, is standing with her hands in her pockets in a small clearing in the Broodhollow cemetery. In front of her, Cora is placing a chair on the ground, and Mrs. Isquith is arranging a tablecloth. Iris says "Good morning, Mrs. Isquith! I thought I'd be early! What time did you start setting up?" Without turning around, Mrs. Isquith smiles and answers "At the crack of dawn! The best time of day for accomplishing anything, my dear." The cemetery is evidently very large, and is filled with rows of differently shaped headstones. Most of them are leaning to one side, as if they're very old, and are very modest, with minimal decoration and generally about the same height. There's one larger one visible in the background. The snow continues to fall, covering the ground near the headstones and making the sky seem as white as the ground.

Panel 3.

Mrs. Isquith smiles as she continues, "Plus, we wanted to beat Planchett and his meager crew to the punch. Although I don't expect much trouble from him after our last run-in!"

Panel 4.

Maurice and Morris approach Iris. Maurice faces her and says "Hello hello hello, Miss Bellweather... We were told we had you to thank for all this." Iris answers "Boys! I just wanted... He was *important* to you, and to us. It was the least I could do." Morris stands to the side, looking at the two of them. His eyes are drawn in the usual squinty style, but his eyebrow suggests that he's trying to control his emotions.

Panel 5.

Morris comes toward the two of them, and Maurice puts a hand on his back, saying "Well, *we* think it was the *most* anyone could do. Isn't that right, Morris?" Morris brings his hands to his chest and looks anguished, saying "I -- I --"

Panel 6.

Morris picks Iris up so quickly her hat flies off her head and hugs her tightly to his chest, bursting into tears. Tears fly cartoonishly all around his head, and his mouth is wide open. Iris looks startled, her eyes small circles and the curve of her eyebrow suggesting some embarrassment. Compared to Morris, a tall and burly man, she looks almost like a little kid. The snow continues to fall around the two of them, and the background is stark white.

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