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The background is white.

Panel 1

Novacek starts to turn around towards Planchett. His expression is hostile and he's pointing towards Planchett with his index finger as he says "I'm not here to argue with you, chief, least of all at a *funeral* --" He's cut off by a voice offscreen saying "*Broodhollowans and friends* --" Planchett stands behind Novacek, his arms folded over his chest. He looks to the side, away from Novacek, and his expression is sullen. Iris stands a few feet away to the side of the two men, looking over and frowning slightly. The silhouettes of several mourners can be seen in the background, colored a light purple under the dark purple sky, and the snow continues to fall in large flakes over the scene.

Panel 2.

Mayor Osgood is standing next to the wreath of greenery placed on a stand next to the bier and in front of the draped white fabric. The picture of Maris circled by the wreath is clearly visible, showing a blown-up black and white image of him in his ski cap and white undershirt. He's smiling, and his eyes are squinting as usual. Osgood's face is solemn and his eyes are closed as he says "Thank you for attending this remembrance of a kind soul who many of us knew, if only at a *distance*. But those *closer* to him knew him as patient. Giving. Loyal."

Panel 3.

Osgood is shown in yellow-colored silhouette, standing in front of a row of other silhouettes colored in shades of purple and gesturing with one hand. He continues "In 1923, *Maris Kruzevabole* moved from the old country, working at the Bottlefly sawmill where he made *fast friends*, despite his quiet demeanor. Like any good Broodhollowan, his actions spoke louder than his words."

Panel 4.

Zane appears between Iris and Novacek. His expression is anxious and his eyes are small, blank circles. He looks over at Iris and whispers "I'm awfully sorry for being late, Iris." Iris looks startled, looking over at him and whispering "Wadsworth --! Where *were* you? Are you okay?" Zane answers "I don't want to talk about it here." To Zane's side, Novacek is listening to the eulogy.

Panel 5.

Osgood looks out at the mourners, smiling and continuing "... Most importantly, he was never alone. *None* of us are truly alone. And may we be *comforted* by the thought as long as we remember them, the dead never leave us." Maris' picture in the wreath looms to the side, smiling out at the crowd.

Panel 6.

Zane stands between Novacek and Iris, looking out in front of him with blank, frightened eyes and a small frown. He thinks "I didn't want to talk about it, but somehow it came up anyway."

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