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The background is white.

Panel 1

The comic is a single panel showing Zane at the funeral. Zane is turning his head to look behind himself, his expression anxious and his eyes blank and terrified. His cheeks are turning pink, and he has a nervous frown on his face. He's in the front row, with Novacek to his left, and there are mourners wearing white pieces of fabric as hoods to each side of them, as well as at least two rows behind them. One of the mourners is wearing the hood over a wide-brimmed hat, but most of them are apparently bare-headed or wearing caps, giving them a uniform look. Novacek is looking ahead of him towards the funeral scene.

Maris' coffin is covered with the white sheet, with a few wrinkles on the otherwise smooth surface, and Morris and Maurice stand at the foot and the head of the coffin, respectively, in front of the two golden poles that had held up the sheet. The two of them are wearing hoods and standing with their hands clasped behind their backs. Next to them are Planchett and Osgood, also hooded. Osgood is mostly hidden by a mourner, but Planchett also has his hands clasped behind his back.

Behind them is the black-and-white picture of Maris surrounded with greenery. The cemetery spreads out behind the coffin and the four leaders of the scene. It's already been established that it's a large cemetery, but in this scene it seems almost endless, with hundreds of gravestones arranged haphazardly and often tilting backwards or to the side. Most of the gravestones are a standard size, rounded or pointed at the top, but one particularly large one is tilted to the side in the distance between Morris and Maurice. The gravestones continue until the distant ones seem like no more than tiny dots on the horizon fading into the dark sky. The chant of "Halleluon" is repeated several times, most of the time with an exclamation point at the end. Some are written in larger type than the others, some seem to be drawn out, but the chant appears to be more uniform than it was in the previous strip. The sky is darkening, and large flakes of snow continue to fall over the scene.

The panel is colored in a more shaded, mottled way than the previous one, and Morris and Maurice particularly are shaded heavily, with their white hoods almost a dirty brownish color, in contrast with the hoods the others wear which are heavily shaded but still appear to be generally white.

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