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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane is looking at his right hand in astonishment and dismay, his mouth open and his eyes small blank circles, Planchett is lying in the snow a few feet ahead of him, his arms and legs bent as he raises his head and starts to try pushing himself up. He looks dazed and his eyes are also small, blank circles. He's surrounded by Angstrom, Osgood and Iris, while Maurice and Morris are coming over. Angstrom, bending slightly over Planchett and reaching toward him, looks over at Zane. His eyes are hidden by his large square glasses, but he seems startled. He says "Wadsworth?" Osgood looks with dismay at Zane as he stands near Planchett's head, holding his hands in his pockets, while Iris looks dumbfounded, her eyes small blank circles and her mouth open. Several mourners are shown in silhouette standing in a group apart from the scene. The sky is very dark now, and the snow continues to fall thickly, although it's lost the shiny quality of the previous strip.

Panel 2.

Zane runs toward the entrance to the cemetery, leaving a row of footprints behind him. His red scarf trails in the air. The entrance is flanked by two stone pillars, between which is an iron arch with the words "Scepter Ridge." As the reader is seeing the scene as if we're inside the cemetery, the words are backwards.

Panel 3.

Novacek turns toward the gathered people and points at them, his expression angry. He says "That guy might be the *smartest* out of *all* you creeps! If he has any *sense*, he'll run straight outta town and never look back! *Look* at yourselves!"

Panel 4.

Novacek gestures at the crowd, saying "You're all *blind*! Acting like... Like this is just some charming tradition! Wearing handkerchiefs on your *heads* and wailing in a *graveyard*! We see him from behind, with Iris and Mrs. Isquith standing in front of him, their expressions neutral.

Panel 5.

Novacek points toward the sheet-covered coffin, looking back toward the mourners, and says "You know what did in your friend there? *You all did.* I never heard of a sawmill with a *night shift*. Explain *that* to me! You don't even know *yourselves*!"

Panel 6.

Novacek stalks away, shown in blue silhouette against a white background, his body dotted with snow. He continues, "Since you're not *arresting* me, I assume you're just trying to scare me out of town. Well, the *town* beat you to it. You saw the dearly departed -- well, here's the *dearly departing*."

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