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Panel 1.

Planchett is standing up, turned towards Chief Belknap, his cheek turning bright pink. His expression is furious and aggrieved, with his mouth wide open and his eyebrows drawn together, and his pose is cartoonishly imposing, with his arms sticking straight out from the shoulders with the elbows bent down and the hands curled into fists.

The cheek that Zane punched is turning red, and short yellow lines and lightning bolts are coming from his head, a cartoon expression for anger. He says "*Belknap*! You gonna stand there *slack-jawed* while that *three-dollar bill* beats feet? I made *one remark* and he tucked into me like a plate of *cold cuts*!" Only the back of Belknap's head can be seen. The sky is dark, and the large flakes of snow seem to be almost shining.

Panel 2.

Belknap looks back suspiciously at Planchett, his eyebrows drawn together, and says "What'd you say to him, Mr. Planchett? It might be important to note." Mrs. Isquith and Iris stand behind Belknap. Iris is glaring at Planchett, her expression openly hostile, and Mrs. Isquith seems disapproving as she adds "*Yes*, Ruthie. Tell us all *exactly* what you said."

Panel 3.

Planchett looks away evasively, reaching for his cheek and holding his fist in front of his chest as he answers "I... Well... What I *exactly* said is -- not as *important* as --" Angstrom approaches Planchett, gesturing toward him in a conciliatory way. He's shown in profile, his expression concerned, and he says "Mr. Zane is a *patient* of mine. His friend's death has been a source of *considerable stress* for him."

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith, standing behind Chief Belknap and addressing him, says "Maris' passing has been stressful for *each* of us in our own way, and we do appreciate the *tireless work* you men do. I know Mr. Planchett *shares* my hope that your investigation isn't sidetracked by, shall we say, *lesser* trespasses?" Belknap has his back to her, but he looks to the side, his expression uncomfortable.

Panel 5.

Iris' expression is worried as she turns to Angstrom and asks "Doc, would you check on him? And... Let me know if he's all right?" Angstrom answers "I will, Miss Bellweather." He's holding his duck-headed cane tightly, and his expression is worried as well.

Panel 6.

Planchett, scowling and looking to the side, says "You *do* that, Doc. We're all real worried about his *knuckles*." Three distinct red marks are starting to emerge from the pink area on his cheek.

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