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The background is black.

Panel 1

Zane, his face anxious and his voice quavering, says "Wh-What are you gonna do with m-me?" The cut on his temple has been resewn with four neat x-shaped stitches.

Panel 2.

The skeleton is in front of Zane. From the reader's point of view, all we see is his eyes glowing brightly and the lines of light spilling onto the previous and next panels. He replies "*Take* what." Then, in a speech bubble connected with a long line to the previous one, he continues "Was *taken*." In another speech bubble connected to the previous one, he continues "From me."

Panel 3.

He stands in front of Zane, holding a square of material in one hand and grasping a knife in the other. His eyes shining, he says "You have." Then in a speech bubble connected to the previous one, he continues "A *good.*" Then, in another speech bubble altogether, he says, "*Heart.*" Zane's eyebrows are drawn together, and he's frowning slightly.

Panel 4.

Mercy, her wings fully extended, swoops down near the skeleton's head, as if she's kicking him with her feet. Her mouth is open and she's making an "Eeeeeeeeee" sound. The text is bright, either white or light blue, and the effect is jarring. The skeleton reaches toward her and, in loud type, makes a "*Rrarrh*" noise.

Panel 5.

As Zane turns his head to the source of the noise, his teeth gritted and his eyebrows drawn together, Mercy continues to attack the skeleton. She flies near the back of its neck, her wings flapping furiously, forcing him to cower and his arms to flail about. She continues making an "Eeeeeeeeee" noise that continues into the background of the panel and all the way off the screen.

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