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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris and Mrs. Isquith are walking arm-in-arm on a wide path through the Broodhollow cemetery. The sky is black, and the ground and uneven, lopsided gravestones to each side of the path are colored in shades of dark purple, but the path is still hazy and bright, and their footsteps can be seen in the snow far behind the two of them. The scene is still, although the snow continues to fall, and no other mourners are anywhere to be seen. Iris says "Come on, Mrs. Isquith. Let's head back before the weather --" She looks at a row of gravestones to her left and her eyes are small and blank as she says "*Dad*."

Panel 2.

A close-up of one of the tombstones. It tilts slightly backward and to the left, and is a flat piece of grey stone carved in a common, simple pattern with rounded corners. On it are the words "Horace Bellweather. Father - Husband - Friend. 1886 - 1936." The final digit of the year of death is mostly obscured by a large snowflake, so it could be 1936, but it could just as easily be 1930, 1935, 1938 or another year altogether. The text is carved in a plain way, and there's no decoration on the front of the tombstone. From offscreen, Mrs. Isquith says "Oh, Iris. I am sorry." Iris says "Why..."

Panel 3.

Iris, looking down at the stone, whispers "Why can't I remember him like I *used* to?" Tears are spilling from her eyes, and her expression is sorrowful. Mrs. Isquith looks at the grave, her expression difficult to read because of her wrinkled face.

Panel 4.

Mrs. Isquith answers "My child, we *all* forget..." Iris, looking to the side with her eyebrows drawn together and her tears falling down her cheeks, says "You don't understand. People *don't* forget like *I* have --"

Panel 5.

Mrs. Isquith turns to Iris, and her expression is hard to read as she answers "I *do* understand. Our memory frays with time. With circumstance." The snow continues to fall, and she is framed by the irregular rows of gravestones in the background. The shading on her face is slightly more defined than the strip's usual flat style.

Panel 6.

She continues as she looks at Iris, "With the *whim* of the *darkness*. We *all forget*, child." Her face is shaded in an even more defined way than it was in the previous panel, with dark shadows around her mouth, neck and forehead. Iris, who is still colored in the usual flat style, looks over at Mrs. Isquith, her expression startled.

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